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Cardinal Economics and Finance, LLC

Businesses have to make critical commercial decisions under uncertainty. At Cardinal Economics and Finance, we use financial economics and sophisticated analytical techniques to help clients make these decisions. 

Our team has worked on corporate finance issues with listed and unlisted corporations, law firms, government agencies, and regulators.

  • Valuation of ordinary, shares, projects, and options

  • Valuation of executive compensation packages

  • Assessment of the financial consequences of contract breaches

  • Real options analysis and development of strategies for decision-making under uncertainty 

  • Advice on optimal​ capital structure

  • Measurement of the risk and expected return of portfolios

  • Transaction advisory services, including valuation, risk measurements, and writing agreements

  • Estimation of firms' cost of capital

  • Financial modeling

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Jason Hall, PhD CFA | Phone: 1 734 926 6989


Jason is the owner of Cardinal Economics & Finance, where he provides advice to clients on issues relating to valuation, risk & return, litigation support and regulation. 


Underpinning this advice is his belief that corporate managers have a responsibility to allocate capital efficiently. Shareholders – whether they be shareholders of listed companies, private company owners, or government shareholders – expect managers to make sound investment decisions that balance risks and rewards. Regulators and other statutory authorities oversee the decision-making process so that corporations bear the risks of investment, rather than transfer risks to consumers and taxpayers.


His work applies across industries including mining (Corsa Coal, BHP, Rio Tinto and PanAust), auto parts (Dayco Products), energy (Senex Energy, PacificLight), fast food (Collins Foods), and utilities (Sydney Water). Jason is a lecturer in finance at the Ross School of Business, The University of Michigan, specializing in corporate finance and investments. His research into equity valuation and the cost of capital has led to 15 publications and been relied upon by tribunals, corporations, regulatory authorities, and state treasuries. His recent work relates to the impact of changes in taxation laws on share prices.

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