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By Jason Hall June 5th, 2022

Consumers spend half of the increased income associated with mortgage payment reductions.

By Jason Hall May 9th, 2022

Large sample evidence that the common ownership of large, listed companies by index funds is not associated with earnings increases or R&D cuts.

By Jason Hall April 16th, 2020

On April 14, 2020 the CFA Society of Detroit hosted Chris Low, Chief Economist at FHN Financial. Low anticipates real U.S. GDP to decline 5 per cent in 2020...

By Jason Hall January 2nd, 2020

Comment on today's story in the Australian that companies returning capital through dividends and buybacks are missing high return projects and contributing to a lack of investment and innovation[...]

Social media 20200102 Laboratory chemica

By Jason Hall November 18th, 2019

Carl Riccadonna from Bloomberg Economics presented to the CFA Society of Detroit annual forecast luncheon on November 8th. He made two high level points about the current 10.5-year economic[...]

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By Jason Hall May 3, 2018

Income inequality in the United States is rising. Prior research contends this is due to returns on accumulated capital. For the 15 years ending in 2014, the top 1 per cent of income earners[…]

Income Inequality - Jason Hall Commentary
Reported Values of Unicorns: Willful Ignorance in the Valuation of Venture-Backed Companies

By Jason Hall September 17, 2017

By Jason Hall September 17, 2017

The reported valuations of venture-backed companies are the outcome of willful ignorance. At each funding round, shares are issued with different downside protection and control rights. Yet these […]

By Jason Hall September 10, 2017

Recent evidence suggests that banks’ ability to generate deposits from the least interest-rate sensitive depositors is the main determinant of differences in value across banks. Banks’ ability to[...]

By Jason Hall March 17, 2017

PNC presented its economic outlook to the Detroit Economic Club on March 16. PNC is mildly optimistic towards growth, projecting real GDP growth of 2.5 per cent over the next two years, compared [...]

By Jason Hall March 5, 2017

Mexico is open to re-negotiating NAFTA in ways that lead to further integration of the North American economies, and which reflect the modern world of e-commerce. But there is no option to […]

By Jason Hall Febuary 25, 2017

The National Association of Manufacturers argues for lower corporate taxes, incentives for R&D and capital spending, less regulation and increased infrastructure funding. U.S. corporate taxes are [...]

By Jason Hall Febuary 18, 2017

Researchers from Michigan, Berkeley and Stanford estimate that peak electricity demand will rise 7 per cent by the turn of the century despite substantial emissions reductions, and 18 per cent if [...]

By Jason Hall November 22, 2016

We comment on a presentation to the Detroit Economic Club by Joe Hockey, Australian Ambassador to the United States and former Treasurer. Mr. Hockey puts forward the case for continued free trade [...]

By Jason Hall November 17, 2016

There is a consensus view that we need infrastructure improvements, at a national and local level, but we have disagreement over priorities and funding. People want better rail, ports and roads, [...]

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